Past year, JUUL in Dubai accounted for 75% of all e-cigarette sales within the us . Its fashionable design and Technical features have earned it the moniker, ‘the iPhone of e-cigs’. To many people, JUUL isn’t an alternate to tobacco, it’s a fashion statement. To others, it’s how of getting a nicotine fix without taking altogether the poisons related to tobacco. There are still others who consider JUUL how of smoking on a budget.For these and other reasons, JUUL e-cigarettes are huge using in dubai people. Dive into this text and learn all you would like to understand about JUUL.


JUUL, a  a replacement form of e-cigarette. It’s a technological way of providing alternatives to smoking. Nowadays its so many popular among young people that it has already achieved half of the e-cigarette market share. 

some important subject to know about JUUL, which may be putting a young people of youth at risk of nicotine dependence. A JUUL has two parts, the device and therefore the cartridge. The device is that the longer bottom part. It consists of a high temperature regulation system. The cartridge contains the e-liquid also referred to as vape juice. For a JUUL, the cartridge is additionally the mouthpiece. The JUUL battery is generally recharged employing a USB charger. The device comes with a typical USB charger on purchase.


Unlike other e-cigs, the JUUL has no settings because it requires none to function. it’s sensors in order that the instant you pull on the mouthpiece, it heats and vaporizes the liquid. It’s designed this manner to stay the users from having to vary its settings. Changing settings has been related to overheating and explosions in other e-cigs. In addition to the present , the JUUL has been fitted with internal temperature regulation features. The JUUL pod may be a closed system. this suggests that the vape juice therein can’t be refilled.


Lack of refilling option allows for internal control as only the manufacturer approved pods could also be used with the JUUL in dubai. A tank system, which another e-cigs use leaves room for adulteration of the juice.



According to the manufacturer, thorough screening is completed to make sure that no known harmful  substances find their way into the pod.


The e-cig cartridges for JUUL are referred to as JUUL pods. Each pod contains the following;

  • Benzoic acid
  • Propylene glycol
  • Flavourants
  • Sweeteners
  • Nicotine salts

One JUUL pod contains 5% nicotine which is the maximum amount nicotine as a pack of cigarettes would have. The JUUL pod has more nicotine than most of the opposite vape juices. one among the factors contributing to the JUUL allure is that the flavors available. Some of the flavors include Virginia Tobacco, custard and Fruit Medley, Cool Mint and Mango.



Cigarettes proves to contain carcinogens. The heating of tobacco at 1,000oC during smoking produces an outsized number of these carcinogens. Although JUUL produces a nicotine hit as strong as that of tobacco, there are significant differences between the 2 .

These differences are on both the contents and within the manner that they’re heated.


Cigarettes’ nicotine comes from tobacco leaves. JUUL, on the opposite hand, gets its nicotine from propelyne glycol. Tobacco leaves contain more toxins that propagandise.  The amount of warmth utilized in heating JUUL is about 300oC which is far less than the warmth used on tobacco. Nicotine is addictive but it doesn’t cause cancer. Although JUUL and e-cigarettes both produce nicotine, the danger for cancer when using JUUL is far less than when smoking cigarettes.



Like other e-cigs, JUUL is supposed to be employed by smokers as a primary step to quitting smoking all at once . It could indeed be a step towards quitting for those that smoke cigarettes for the subsequent reasons:

Its shape is different from that of a cigarette. the thought behind this design was to stay the smoker from associating the JUUL with cigarettes.

The second reason is that it doesn’t produce smoke, thus the user will experience none of the visual effects related to smoking.

Experts recommended the JUUL like other e-cigs is safer than cigarettes. The relative higher level of safety doesn’t mean that there are not any negative effects to their use.

JUUL has the maximum amount nicotine as cigarettes and nicotine is that the addictive element in cigarettes. Therefore, JUUL continues to feed your drug addiction but during a safer way.

If you’re battling quitting cigarettes smoking, then you ought to give JUUL a try! If you’re an adult smoker seeking to quit, there’s no other better option than finding out the vaping products you’ll buy online to kill this addiction!

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