The Best Ice Menthol in Dubai

Ice Menthol has made it one among the foremost popular and effective entry-level liquids for smokers seeking a safer, more pleasurable alternative. Its distinctive ice menthol base gives vapers’ a smooth, refreshing, and endlessly satisfying vape.

Menthol juices can enhance almost all kinds of vape flavors, be they sweet and juicy fruits, rich and earthy tobacco liquids, or maybe desserts.

Ice Menthol eliquids have also seen an enormous boost in popularity in 2021 because of the Menthol Cigarette Ban that came into effect across all countries. The new legislation was attached to the ECU Union’s Tobacco Products Directive: a raft of regulations that came into force in 2016 to legislate the industry and reduce the harm from smoking – the amount one explanation for preventable deaths within the world.

As well as an enormous breakthrough in limiting the harms of smoking traditional menthol tobacco products, the menthol ban UAE has turned thousands of smokers onto the thrill of menthol vaping and therefore the galaxy of cool, complex flavors that await.

As the year draws to an in the start, we think we will enjoy it throughout 2021.

Best Ice Menthol E-Liquid Flavours :

PG/VG Blend:

It looks like fewer and fewer e-liquids lately are coming with high percentages of PG. High VG juice is all the craze. the larger and badder the clouds the higher, right? Well, not necessarily. you actually don’t want to be vaping ice. That won’t taste excellent in the least. Ice Menthol e-liquids taste so great due to the minty flavor. because it so happens, PG carries flavor tons more efficiently than VG, so you’ll lose a number of the intensity with 40/60 and 30/70 PG/VG blends. Plus, high-VG e-liquids tend to be thick and syrupy, but menthol e-liquid involves a cool, sharp throat hit. We recommend going for something more balanced sort of a 50/50 blend with Ice menthol e-liquids.

Dinner lady blue menthol ice e-liquid

Dinner lady blue menthol ice e-liquid brand unafraid to combine bold flavors for an incredible effect. This ice e-liquid and complements the rich sweetness of ripe dark berries and mint with a fragile balance of fireside and ice from aniseed and menthol.


JUUL Classic Menthol Pods E-Liquid

Here the flavor’s realize to ultimate perfection by Mint. Set of a number of the simplest menthol-infused eliquids we’ve tried. With a brisk finish pure menthol base, Baltic Blends offer the last word in vaping pleasure.


Iqos Marlboro yellow menthol E-Liquid

Outrageously cool, fresh, and satisfying, Iqos Marlboro yellow menthol a year formulating its No heat-not-burn cigarette e-liquid blend. Perfect for anyone who loves the Menthol Special Blend but wants something with a good bolder hit of Menthol. It is a powerful blast of cool, fresh flavor and, if we’re honest, a far better breed of menthol.



Few flavors are as iconic as Vampire Vape’s Heisenberg. But if the true measure of an e-liquid’s greatness is its longevity, then the very fact that we’re still vaping this exquisite e juice UAE years after it launched cement Heisenberg’s position as a very essential menthol flavor.

With a medley of ripe mixed berries and a subtle undertone of cooling menthol, Heisenberg nic salt is that the perfect e-liquid choice if you’re trying to quit cigarettes,

Naked 100 Pod System-Menthol

Dubai vape brand IVG is not any stranger to scintillating menthol flavors, especially with their nack for authentic lemonade-based liquids that add a citrus tang to the icy cool of menthol.

Naked 100 is one of our favorite IVG menthol flavors and maybe a tart yet invigorating blend of distinctive kiwi, sour lemon, and sweet citrus, made mellow by a cooling wave of ice-cold menthol.


Classic Menthol By Mad Hatter Juice E-liquid

Classic Menthol is on fine flavor form in 2020 with several new e-liquid lines including their game-changing hybrid salt liquids. But their 100% Menthol range has offered up a number of the simplest menthol juices of the year.

CliC Minty Menthol Pods

A sublime pairing of fresh, ripe raspberries with a refreshing streak of menthol for a deliciously all-day vape.

The 50% Vegetable Glycerine, 50% propanediol ratio allows for a sublime balance of clouds, vapor and flavor and is right to be used with starter vape kits, compact pod vape kits, and pen vape kits.

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